Monday, November 6, 2017

Top best Assault rifles in the world

top best assault rifles
Rifles have been widely accepted amongst army men, terrorists and even our grandfathers had one in the backyard. We could see their evolution from wood to metal, lightweight, and many other useful features. From warfare, hunting, shooting and sports use, rifles evolution has been huge.  Here we feel the need to discuss world top best 5 assault rifles for 2018.  

Let us discuss top assault rifles-

1. AK-47 (AvtomatKalashnikova)
· Place of Origin – S.Union
· Year – 1949
AK-47 assault rifle
This has been top among the reliability factor as it continues deploying its services and has been a part of the important war. Some of them include Hungarian Revolution (1956), Indo Pakistan War (1965), Vietnam War and recent one includes Saudi led intervention in Yemen.

It could be semi-automatic and automatic both. The operating system is the basic difference between the two. The former one must be released and depressed again for the next shot while the latter one fires continuously until trigger is released. Its effective range is 350m.

2. M16 – Eugene Stoner’s design
· Place of Origin – US
· Year – 1963
M16 assault rifle
This is a replacement of M1Garand with an effective range from 550m to 800m. Comparing the features, this assault rifle has poor reliability and malfunction rates as well. It has been addressed properly and has become the most accepted weapon of that time. Army men using this rifle have been rated as high performing.

It has been used in wars like Syrian Civil War, Iraqi Civil War, War in Afghanistan, and some old ones like Cambodian Civil War and Laotian Civil War. Now if we talk about single shot hit probability, it is 100% till 300 meters and then ranges from 98- 50% till 800m.

3. M4 Carbine – short and light
· Place of Origin – Colt Defense Forces, US
· Year – 1994
M4 Carbine assault rifle
It is a hierarchical model of the M16A2. It is designed by keeping convenience in mind and is gas-operated, magazine-fed firearm. Because it is lightweight, it can be loaded with other accessories like night vision devices, laser points, telescopes, bipods, hand grip, and many other compatible ones.

One major negative feedback of this weapon is it gets hot while firing. Single shot firing gets difficult as there are also other malfunctions like magazine loading trouble. It also has one variant named as M4A1.

4. Tavor– bullpup configuration

· Place of Origin – Israel

· Year – 2001
Tavor assault rifle
This machine is reliable, durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain. With these super features, it is serving its users and has 2 variants as well i.e. Tar-21 and CTAR-21. Another feature is its fire selection feature i.e. armed men can select whether the weapon must be in semi-automatic or full-automatic mode.

The range is 550m and the barrel length is 410mm. This rifle is replacing M4 carbine and M16 and by 2018, it will be issued as a standard weapon if Israeli infantry. What could more be said about this weapon as it has been awarded rifle of the year in 2014 & 2017 and best rifle in 2013

5. Steyr Aug - Armee-Universal-Gewehr
· Place of Origin – Austria
· Year – 1978
Steyr Aug assault rifle
Adopted by Austrian Army as Sturmgewehr77 and replaced stg58, been served in national police units. It is a small arm with 4 magazines and specially designed for left-handed users. Latter one could be its special major feature.

It can be transformed into multiple configurations like semi-auto and full auto, semi-auto only or any other probability as per the convenience and function.

Here I tried to list top best Assault Rifles of world for 2018. I hope it would surely help my readers.

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